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This is a project to create a WallBoard for TFS.

WallBoard will facilitate monitoring status or health parameters for TFS team project(s) like:
  • Build
  • Performance
  • ETA
  • History widgets for charting over any collected metric like code coverage, number of tests, etc.

For Build it would include:
  • No. of builds per day
  • Build status (red/green)
  • Updated current status (building) with ETA
  • Number of tests
  • Associated planning item (Sprint goal or task)
  • Drill down to test view showing name/description of tests

For Performance it would include:
  • Mark tests for collecting performance metrics
  • Support for parallel + repeated runs (mstest & nunit)
  • Support for adding tolerance for failure

Charting would include:
  • Chart over any collected metric
  • Allow charting by average, mean, baseline, etc.
  • Allow defining thresholds for any collected metric. Thresholds can be fixed, moving average or moving up/down.

Following different metrics would be collected:
  • Lines of code/day, sprint, release, program
  • Allow ignoring specific changesets for reporting
  • Bugs/sprint
  • Bugs/release
  • Code coverage, code analysis errors
  • Number of tests
  • Turnaround time for failing build
  • Turnaround time for bug

Back-end it would work with
  • TFS (2010+)

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